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How to use Plotly with JSON

If you already have your Plotly chart in a JSON format, you can easily add it using inseri core plugin:

  1. add a Text Editor Block (JSON format) and paste your JSON. Use a sensible block name and if you want to hide it disable "Show block". If you are new to inseri consider Hello World tutorial.

  2. add a Plotly Chart Block and pick the previous block as input for the full JSON description and click Display. You are done.

How to use Plotly with Python

Please see Python and Plotly.

How to use Matplotlib with Python

Please see Python and Matplotlib.

Plotly or Matplotlib

inseri supports both Plotly and Matplotlib. Which one you want to use is first of all a matter of taste.

There are some differences: Matplotlib works with files which means it can be combined with a download block to reuse the result. Plotly offers more interactive options than a static image would, and