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JavaScript Code

It allows to run JavaScript code in a separate web worker. It is therefore ideal for performing computations in the background.

This block allows multiple inputs and outputs. This makes it interesting to tie the behaviors of different blocks together.

To set the inputs and outputs for the script, select "open extended view" which opens a popup.


As defined in the extended view.


A JavaScript file or the user can directly write the code. It allows asynchronous behaviour and await is permitted within the main body of the code.

Moreover in the extended view below it is possible to define input variables.

Extended view

Imagine we have the following JavaScript script:

let sum = a + b
let product = a * b

You can see that a and b are not defined in this script. On the top right you can set the inputs. Enter the variable name a and accept it with the + button. You can now choose any channel from your post. Repeat this with b. Input variables can be deleted with x next to the import.

Outputs can be defined on the bottom left. Enter sum into the text field and accept ith with +. Now, choose a content type. For simple values as arrays or numbers, JSON is the best option. Like inputs, output variables can be deleted with x.


After adding the outputs please "Save Draft" in top right, "View Preview" in bottom left, and "Edit Post" in the top toolbar to continue editing. This is needed to have access to all outputs of the JavaScript Code block. Otherwise the last output will not be available.



Add a description above the code block.

Show block

The block can be hidden from readers but its content is still available as input for other blocks. You can hide it only if you set it to execute automatically.

Execute automatically

The script will run automatically on load and any input change. If set to false, the script will have to be run explicitly.

Publicly editable

JavaScript Code block can be set to publicly editable. This may be interesting if you want to show calculations depending on certain parameters. After a page reload the changes in the code will be lost.


JavaScript Code Block on

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