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The dropdown block can be used to make the content on your page dynamic by allowing to switch between different items.


The selected item (or the corresponding "value" key) as JSON.


The expected input is a JSON array that can have as elements strings:

["item 1", "item 2", "item 3"]

or objects (name-value pairs, know also as key-value pairs) with the mandatory names (called also keys): "label" and "value":

    { "label": "item 1", "value": { "bar": 11, "foo": 3 } },
    { "label": "item 2", "value": 42 },
    { "label": "item 3", "value": "Foo bar" }

For the first case the dropdown corresponds to its elements and the block output is the selected string element

  • "item 1"
  • "item 2"
  • "item 3"

For the second case the download corresponds to all "label":

  • "item 1"
  • "item 2"
  • "item 3"

but the block output is the "value" of the selected "label":

  • {"bar":11,"foo":3} for "item 1"
  • 42 for "item 2"
  • "Foo bar" for "item 3"



You can change the text above the dropdown to something else than the default "Choose an item".


Allow keyboard input to match labels.


Allow the selection to be reset to undefined.


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