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Media Collection

User can select multiple files from media library. Upon selection of a single file, the block will load the file and emit its content as an output.

If you already uploaded your desired file, you can choose it from the Media Library, otherwise you can upload it after adding the block.


Not compatible with the Export Block.


The selected file.



Add a description above the block.

Show block

The block can be hidden from readers but its content is still available as input for other blocks. You can hide it only if you choose one file from the Media Library.

Extended view

In the Media Library, you can organize your files that will be available for re-use in your posts.


Alt text: Alternative text for images.

Title: Label for the file. The default value is derived from the original file value.

Caption: Text to be shown below images.

Description: Text description of the file.

File URL: Location of the file after upload.


Media Collection and Image Box Blocks on

Posts on that make use of the zenodo repository block.