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Getting started


inseri core for WordPress is available as an official WordPress plugin.

If you have an WordPress deployment, simply follow Finding and Installing Plugins.

Alternatively you can check out the functionalities in the inseri Playground. Please see How to use inseri Playground. Be aware that changes there are temporary and will be gone after a page refresh.

WordPress Posts and Pages

The typical use case with WordPress and inseri is to write a post or page consisting of several blocks. For saving, previewing, and upating posts or pages, follow the description about the WordPress Block Editor.

The further documentation will always assume that you already have a post or page to work on, and we will call it simply post.

Adding inseri blocks to a post

On a WordPress instance with the inseri blocks installed, the list of available blocks will include a collection with the name "inseri". You can add an inseri block like any other block through the "+" icon (called Block inserter) on top left or inside a post. Alternatively you can use the slash command for a quicker workflow. After accepting a block, it is visible in the content of the post, showing the most important options directly in its body, like selecting the block source of which the output will be imported. Through settings sidebar on the right, more settings are available, generally for naming the block, visibility, or just styling.

Please follow the documentation about Adding a new block for more details.

Where to start

We recommend you to start with our Hello World.