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Hello world

This tutorial allows you to chain multiple inseri blocks, with the specific example focusing on:

  • Adding predefined images in dropdown menu
  • Allowing the end user to select the images to display

For the final product, please click here.

Step 0: Initialize your inseri instance

Open up playground or your WordPress instance with inseri-core installed.

Beware that changes done in the playground will not be saved.

Step 1: Create a new post

Add a new post with the title "Image Selection", as presented in the figure below.

Adding a new post in WordPress

Step 1: Adding a new post in WordPress: (i) hover on mouse pointer over New and next, (ii) click on Post (or click directly on New)

Step 2: Add an inseri text editor block

Add an inseri text editor by clicking the + below the title. Select "Browse all" and look for "Text Editor" block under the top section inseri.

Adding a new block in WordPress

Step 2: Adding a new block in WordPress: (i) click on "+" and next, (ii) click on Browse All

Inseri category

Step 2: "Text editor" block category "inseri"

To chain more inseri blocks in this example (text editor block to dropdown menu block), please choose the format "JSON".

Select the output format

Step 2: Set the text viewer to "JSON"

Next, give your text editor a meaningful name. For this, open the settings sidebar on the right and enter "textEditor-imageOptions" under block name.

Edit the block name

Step 2: Edit the block name: (i) open the settings sidebar, (ii) enter the desired name under "BLOCK NAME"

Step 3: Add image information to the text editor

Now, copy the following snippet into the text editor. This will add to image options (UZH logo and acronym) with a label.

    { "label": "UZH Acronym", "value": "" },
    { "label": "UZH Logos", "value": "" }

Step 4: Add a dropdown

Add a "Dropdown" from the category inseri , as shown previously (step 2).

In the dropdown block you can now select the block source with the name "textEditor-imageOptions: content".

Similarly to the step 2 of the text editor, give the dropdown block a more meaningful name "dropdown-selectedImage".

Step 5: Add an image viewer

To create a selection menu, add the block "Image Box" from the inseri section.

Set the block source to the option "dropdown-selectedImage: chosen value".

Give the image box block the name "image".

Step 6: Data Flow

The Data Flow provides an overview of the inseri blocks and the dependency between them.

Data Flow

Step 6: Data Flow: (i) open the sidebar "inseri Data Flow" close to the Settings icon, (ii) select a block name in the Blocks are or a node in the Chart section

Step 7: Save and publish

For the final step, we should save our post and publish it. Furthermore, in case of a full instance, you can now publish it.

Save and publish

Step 7: Save and publish

Once published you will see the text editor with the snippet (step 3) and a dropdown (step 4), where the corresponding image will load after its selection (step 5).


The following graph shows how the blocks are connected:

GtextEditor_imageOptionsText Editor: textEditor-imageOptionsdropdown_selectedImageDropdown: dropdown-selectedImagetextEditor_imageOptions->dropdown_selectedImagetextEditor-imageOptions: contentimageViewer_unnamedImage Box: imagedropdown_selectedImage->imageViewer_unnameddrowdown-selectedImage: chosen value